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Are you a person with a disability? Do you want to become more informed about tools and strategies to advance your economic strength and security?   more

In record numbers, people with disabilities are becoming part of the economic mainstream, and developing savings and assets. Learn more about how to effectively reach this growing market sector ... more

Join us to promote an economic empowerment agenda with a focus on policy change and public-private collaboration ... Learn more


Department of Justice Calls on States to Provide More Employment and Transition Services for People with Disabilities

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Senate Banking Committee Leadership Introduces Legislative Draft to Prioritize Housing Needs for Low-Income Americans

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Celebrate National Financial Capability Month with National Disability Institute

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LEAD CENTER WEBINAR: Section 503: Connecting Job seekers with Disabilities and Federal Contractors through the Workforce Development System

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LEAD CENTER WEBINAR: Medicaid Managed Care and Its Implications on Employment Services

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LEAD CENTER WEBINAR: New CMS Regulation on HCBS Settings: Implications for Employment Services

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Monday, December 19, 2011
Get your money quickly and safely with Direct Deposit - Today's ...
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Monday, December 12, 2011
Skip the pricey coffee and make your own! Today's MoneyMondays tip. ...
Try making your own coffee for a week and tallying up ...

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D2D Fund's Financial Entertainment - Website of the Week

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

As we enter the fourth week of National Financial Capability Month, we have chosen Doorway to Dreams (D2D) Fund’s financialentertainment.orgĀ as our Website of the Week. Sure, you may know the “book definition” of financial capability, but can you put it in practice? ...

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